We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. As one of the most visited rooms in your home, it’s important to utilize the space to its full potential. If your home bathroom is small, it can be tough to make all the essentials fit in an organized way, and make the room look stylish.

Luckily, there are plenty of clever and good looking small bathroom storage solutions that will make your small bathroom look and feel larger than it is. Keep reading for some ideas to help make your small bathroom functional and fashionable.


Maximize the Vertical Spaces

In a small space, running cabinets or shelving all the way to the ceiling creates the impression that the space is larger. Try slim wood shelving that touches the ceiling or floating shelves to maximize vertical space and provide open storage for everyday essentials and design elements.


Utilize Every Available Inch 

When adding a vanity to a small bathroom, sometimes bigger is better. If you have a narrow space to house the sink, ensuring that your vanity runs from wall to wall will maximize storage and make the room look custom built.


Floating Vanities

In contrast to adding a large wall to wall vanity, a floating vanity can make a small bathroom appear much larger. It also allows for more storage space underneath the vanity if you choose to add stylish baskets or even a plant.


Extend Countertops Over the Toilet

If your sink and vanity are next to your toilet, add counter space by extending the counter over the back of the toilet. This will provide you with extra space for everyday use, but be sure to leave a gap that is large enough to lift away the lid of the toilet tank when needed.


Curtains Over Clutter

To create more storage beneath a freestanding sink or a vanity without built-in cabinetry, add a simple curtain to hide clutter. A linen curtain in a light neutral shade hung beneath a countertop topped with a modern sink makes this classic move feel timeless rather than old-fashioned.


Use Decorative Baskets

Never underestimate the power of a decorative basket. In a small bathroom, decorative baskets on a low shelf can be used to house supplies or serve as a clothes hamper, and add some warm natural tones. You can also place stylish flat-bottomed baskets directly on the floor to store toilet paper or other items.


Exchange Your Mirror for a Medicine Cabinet

Choose a mirror that acts as a swinging door with shelves behind it. This is a great small bathroom solution because you can store daily use items within the cabinet without occupying floor space.


Utilize Window Ledges

Many people use a bathroom window ledge to store things that won’t fit in the cabinets. Consider turning the window into an open-faced cabinet by adding an additional shelf. Using amber or other colored reusable glass jars for products will add a decorative element, especially when the sun shines through.


Curved Corner Cabinet

If your bathroom has a tight fit, consider installing a corner-shaped vanity that will allow flow and create a focal point. Custom cabinetry can be expensive, but you can also find inexpensive vintage or corner cabinets online or at your local thrift store that can be repainted and repurposed.


Barn Door Style Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Rather than installing traditional swinging shower doors that open outward, consider installing sliding shower doors to eliminate using up valuable space! 


Pick a Shower Over a Bathtub

Removing a full bathtub will free up space in your bathroom. You can opt for a corner shower or go curbless and make your shower a seamless part of the room. Bathtubs also make a bathroom look much smaller and cluttered. A seamless shower with light colored tile will make the space feel larger.


Match Tile to the Floors and Walls

Choosing the same color for the floor and wall tiles, even if they’re different shapes, will make a small master bath feel much larger. If you can tile walls only to a certain height, consider painting the plaster above the tiled section the same color as the tiles.


Frameless Shower Doors

Dated shower curtains and framed shower doors can make a small bathroom feel even smaller. They obstruct your line of sight and cut your bathroom into about a third of its size. Frameless glass enclosures in bathrooms create a sense the space is much bigger than it really is. 

Frameless glass shower enclosures also allow light to flow naturally through the space. And don’t hide that beautiful new tile! Frameless glass allows you to showcase more highlights of your bathroom design.


If you need help making your small bathroom look and feel larger, contact our team at Frameless By Design in Florida and Georgia! We design all glass shower & bathtub enclosures using state of the art CAD software, allowing us to avoid outsourcing to third party vendors. Our company only sources glass and hardware from founders and leaders in the industry. We use top of the line materials, made in the USA, to ensure your glass enclosures are built to last. We use HD hinges standard on all of our custom glass doors – up to 36”, this above the traditional standard of 28”. Each design comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, and we strive to complete each project within a 3 week timeframe, so you can start enjoying your newly installed bathroom glass as soon as possible. 


We have shower and tub glass configurations for any size bathroom, but we also offer custom designs to make your space unique to you. You can also choose semi-frameless sliders with your choice of assortment of finishes and fixtures! With over 25 years experience, we here at Frameless By Design have the skillset, knowledge, and pride to achieve your desired vision. Whether you need help choosing your custom shower enclosure or you already have in mind what you’re looking for, we will guide you in making the best decisions that will not only leave your guests speechless, but to ensure that it’s long lasting! Contact us for a free consultation. We proudly serve northwest Florida and many counties in Georgia!


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