Any remodeling project in your home is a fun way to add new life to the space. But it can also be a hassle to prepare for contractors working in your home, and deciding on design elements can lead to headaches. Take the following steps to prepare for a remodeling project!



Before scheduling a remodel, you have some research homework. Research will establish what style or design you want to achieve and the cost. Doing research first provides an outline on what to expect, but will help you with other factors like a realistic budget and timeline.

Example: If you are preparing to update your master bathroom with sleek new flooring, research what styles you like and fit your home. Then factor in the cost of materials and time.


Get Inspired

Finding inspiration online can help create a design scheme that appeals to you. Other bathroom designs work for a reason, but many contain elements that may not mesh with your lifestyle. So finding multiple sources of inspiration can help create a style that is suitable for your home.


Example: Are you considering adding a bathtub in the kids bathroom? Search for designs that will fit the space you currently have, and that the kids can grow into!


Talk with Professionals

A professional contractor has the experience and knowledge to help walk you through the finer details of your design. Contact a bathroom expert to get their professional insight before making any final decisions. They can give you a quick overview on the pros and cons of your design choices and help to establish what is realistic and what isn’t.


Example: If you are trying to make your bathroom appear larger, a professional can give you tips like enclosing your shower or bath with frameless glass to expand the look and feel of all design elements. 


Measure, and Measure Again

Before you start any bathroom remodel, you want to double, or even triple, check your measurements. You want to plan out and ensure that all elements of your bathroom can fit together in one space without any overlap or intrusion. If you don’t measure the space correctly, you can end up with cramped fixtures or simply not enough space in your bathroom.


Think Green

Bathtubs in bathrooms can burn through a great deal of water and electricity on a daily basis. A remodel can provide a good opportunity to review your appliances to see what can be replaced with more earth friendly options. “Green” options not only provide more power efficiency, but will reduce costs in the long term and can be beneficial towards resale value.


Choosing Materials

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is true of bathroom material, the more expensive material typically lasts longer, is more durable and is more pleasant to use, whereas the cheaper material is less durable and can break down through repeated use.

Remember that all bathroom fixtures will experience heavy moisture and humidity so you want to choose materials that can withstand this environment!


Plan for the Come & Go

During the remodel, you want to reduce the number of people running through the job site. Plan different entrances and exits to avoid conflict. Create alternative pathways and move objects in easy to reach locations until the job is complete.


Planning a bathroom remodel? Our team at Frameless By Design in Florida and Georgia can help make any bathroom feel brand new with beautiful, modern all glass enclosures! We design our glass shower & bathtub enclosures using state of the art CAD software, allowing us to avoid outsourcing to third party vendors. Our company only sources glass and hardware from founders and leaders in the industry. We use top of the line materials, made in the USA, to ensure your glass enclosures are built to last. We use HD hinges standard on all of our custom glass doors – up to 36”, this above the traditional standard of 28”. Each design comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, and we strive to complete each project within a 3 week timeframe, so you can start enjoying your newly installed bathroom glass as soon as possible. 

We have shower and tub glass configurations for any size bathroom, but we also offer custom designs to make your space unique to you. You can also choose semi-frameless sliders with your choice of assortment of finishes and fixtures! With over 25 years experience, we here at Frameless By Design have the skillset, knowledge, and pride to achieve your desired vision. Whether you need help choosing your custom shower enclosure or you already have in mind what you’re looking for, we will guide you in making the best decisions that will not only leave your guests speechless, but to ensure that it’s long lasting! Contact us for a free consultation. We proudly serve northwest Florida and many counties in Georgia!

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