Preparing for a Frameless Enclosure

Most general contractors and tile installers understand what needs to be done to prepare for a frameless shower enclosure, but it is your due diligence to be sure to discuss beforehand and be sure everyone is on the same page!

First, be sure there is wood blocking in the wall anywhere glass will attach (especially the door hinges).


Typically our hinges will mount 8” from the top and bottom of the door.


Also, there should not be any plumbing or electrical in these portions of the wall. 

Second, any and all horizontal surfaces must be pitched towards the drain. This includes the curb and tops of buttress walls as well as any shelves and niches.


When water comes down the glass and reaches the curb, gravity should lead it towards the drain. We like to see at least a 3/16” rise over a 6” wide curb but this will vary depending on shower size and water direction.


If your curb is flat and/or pitches the wrong direction, the shower will have water issues and mold issues later on.

Third, when setting tile remember to coat the entire backside of the tile with thinset/mortar as well as the entire wall for maximum adhesion.


The back side of each tile should be solid and consistent and free of voids. These voids or hollow areas behind tiled walls have no type of support and remain brittle (this may cause tiles to break when drilling for hardware).

Frequently Asked Questions


Why chose us?

You don’t have to offer any money up front, plus we offer the best lead times and warranties!

What is warranty?

 Five years parts and labor for residents

 Two years parts and labor for short term rentals (STR’s take a lot more abuse and typically not maintained correctly)

What are lead times?

Currently it takes around two weeks to order and receive glass, then it’s installed within 72 hours of receiving. (This timeline varies but we source our glass from the largest fabricator in North America to retain as much consistency as possible.)

Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely! Workers comps, general liability, and commercial auto! Please let us know if you need certificates of insurance!

What forms of payment do we accept?



• Venmo

• Cash App

• Zelle

• Credit Cards (3.5% added)

Do we offer additional services?

Our main focus is shower enclosures, but we can source vanity mirrors and tabletops in addition to a shower enclosure. (It’s not a service in itself)

Do we install tile?

No, but we can definitely refer you to some great local contractors! (as well as tell you a few to stay away from)

Are frameless showers waterproof?

No, they are not. They act as barriers to help contain water while adding value and looks etc. However, we have some parts and seals we can add to help if there are issues. It is crucial that your tile contractors know your plan on installing frameless glass and they take the necessary steps in prepping for frameless glass. (See preparation above)

How long do our showers take to install?

A typical install takes between one to three hours depending on complexity.

How long before we can use our shower?

You can typically use your shower the same day of install, but in some cases, the morning after.