Frameless shower doors have become a hallmark of modern bathrooms, admired for their sleek design and functionality. However, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding frameless shower doors that may deter homeowners from choosing this elegant option. At Frameless By Design, we’re here to debunk these myths and provide clarity on the benefits of frameless shower doors.


Myth 1: Frameless Shower Doors Are Unsafe

One of the most prevalent myths about frameless shower doors is concerns about safety. Some people worry that frameless glass doors are fragile and prone to shattering. However, frameless shower doors are made from tempered safety glass, which is significantly stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass is designed to withstand impact and, in the rare event of breakage, it shatters into small, blunt pieces to minimize the risk of injury.

At Frameless By Design, safety is our top priority. Our frameless shower doors meet stringent safety standards and are crafted from high-quality tempered glass to ensure durability and peace of mind for homeowners.


Myth 2: Frameless Shower Doors Are High Maintenance

Another misconception is that frameless shower doors require excessive maintenance and cleaning. In reality, frameless shower doors are easier to maintain than their framed counterparts. Their smooth, seamless design reduces the buildup of mold, mildew, and soap scum, making them simpler to clean with regular glass cleaners and a squeegee.

Frameless By Design offers optional protective coatings that repel water and prevent mineral deposits, further simplifying maintenance and preserving the clarity of your shower door for years to come.


Myth 3: Installation of Frameless Shower Doors Is Complicated

Some homeowners hesitate to choose frameless shower doors due to perceived installation difficulties. While installation does require precision and expertise, working with a professional team like Frameless By Design ensures a seamless process. Our experienced installers are skilled in handling frameless shower doors, ensuring a precise fit and secure installation that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

We provide comprehensive installation services tailored to your specific bathroom layout, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal functionality of your frameless shower door.


Myth 4: Frameless Shower Doors Are Expensive

While it’s true that frameless shower doors may have a higher upfront cost compared to framed options, they offer long-term value and aesthetic appeal that justify the investment. Frameless shower doors enhance the beauty of your bathroom, create a spacious feel, and add value to your home. The durability and low maintenance requirements of frameless shower doors make them a cost-effective choice over time.

At Frameless By Design, we offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes tailored to your budget and preferences. We believe in providing premium quality frameless shower doors that elevate your bathroom without compromising on affordability.

Don’t let myths and misconceptions deter you from choosing the elegance and functionality of frameless shower doors for your bathroom. At Frameless By Design, we’re committed to debunking these myths and providing you with expert guidance and high-quality products that exceed your expectations. Discover the beauty and durability of frameless shower doors, where style meets innovation and practicality.

We design all glass enclosures using state of the art CAD software, allowing us to avoid outsourcing to third party vendors. Our company only sources glass and hardware from founders and leaders in the industry. We use top of the line materials, made in the USA, to ensure your glass enclosures are built to last. We use HD hinges standard on all of our custom glass doors – up to 36”, this is above the traditional standard of 28”. Each design comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, and we strive to complete each project within a 3 week timeframe, so you can start enjoying your newly installed bathroom glass as soon as possible. 

We have shower and tub glass configurations for any size bathroom, but we also offer custom designs. You can also choose semi-frameless sliders with your choice of assortment of finishes and fixtures! With over 25 years experience, we here at Frameless By Design have the skillset, knowledge, and pride to achieve your desired vision. Whether you need help choosing your custom shower or you already have in mind what you’re looking for—we will guide you in making the best decisions that will not only leave your guests speechless, but to ensure that it’s long lasting! Contact us for a free consultation. We proudly serve northwest Florida and many counties in Georgia with our main offices in Bay County, Florida and Fayetteville, Georgia.